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Welcome to the home page for submission of E-petitions. Before submitting your petition, please ensure that you have read the attached guidance particular reference to E-petitions can be found towards the end of the document.

If you wish to “sign” an existing petition, please select the option to view current petitions, which can be found in the blue box on the left of this page. You will then see a list of the current petitions, select the petition you wish to sign (view petition) and then you will be given the option to sign the petition. Once you have registered your details, a confirmation email will be sent and it is important that you acknowledge this email for the process to be completed. Your signature (name) will then be listed below the petition.

If you wish to “submit” a new petition, please select the option to submit an e-petition within the title area at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

If you experience any problems, you may need to disable pop up blockers to allow the site to function as expected. The following links provide instructions on how to disable popups in different browsers:
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